Prints & Posters

"Food is Ammunition" Magnet
WWI Aircraft Poster
History of the American Soldier Poster
"Gee, I Wish I Were a Man" Poster
"American Eagle" Metal Sign
"Be A Marine" Poster
"Avenge the Lusitania" Metal Sign
Liberty Memorial Kansas City Print
"Join the Cavalry" Poster
"Food is Ammunition" Mini Poster
"Enlist" Mini Poster
"La Machine" Mini Poster
"Silence" Mini Poster
"Adventure and Action" Poster
"Give 'er The Gun" Air Service Poster
"Le Pays De France" Mini Poster
Kansas City Fountains Mini Print
Woman's Land Army Mini Poster
"Victory Girls" Poster
"Join the Air Service in France" Poster
Liberty Memorial Mini Print
"Knit Your Bit" Mini Poster