"Intersections" Double Shot Glass
"Intersections" Golf Ball
"Intersections" Keychain Bottle Opener
"Intersections" Lapel Pin
"Intersections" Logo Patch
"Intersections" Square Shot Glass
"Journee Serbe" Keychain
"La Machine a Finir la Guerre" Keychain
"Lest We Forget" Keychain
"Lest We Forget" Magnet
"Trench Orders" Booklet
"Votes for Women" Teapot
"When I Join the Ranks" Booklet
#10045 Colonel Douglas MacArthur
#23102 "What's On the Menu Tonight?"
#23103 U.S. MP No. 1
#23105 U.S. Officer w/ Binoculars
#23106 "Music to Peel By"
#23116 "Gas Lads! Gas!"
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