"A Wonderful Opportunity For You" Poster
"Adventure and Action" Poster
"Be A Marine" Poster
"Come on Boys Do Your Duty" Poster
"Fight or Buy Bonds" Poster
"For Action" Poster
"Gee, I Wish I Were a Man" Poster
"Give 'er The Gun" Air Service Poster
"I Want You for the Navy" Poster
"If You Want to Fight" Poster
"It Takes a Man to Fill It" Poster
"Join the Air Service in France" Poster
"Join the Cavalry" Poster
"Learn Earn" Air Service Poster
"Lend the Way They Fight" Poster
"Order Coal Now" Poster
"Tell That to the Marines" Poster
"The Navy is Calling" Poster
"These Men Have Come Across" Navy Poster
"Victory Girls" Poster
"Young Men Wanted for U.S. Navy" Poster