"Food is Ammunition" Magnet
"Intersections" Lapel Pin
"Intersections" Logo Patch
"Lest We Forget" Keychain
"Lest We Forget" Lapel Pin
"Lest We Forget" Magnet
1918 Brass Trench Whistle
1918 Peace Pin
1926 Dedication Ceremony Keychain
92nd Infantry Division Pin
Aerial View Car Magnet
Ambulance Magnet
America the Land We Love Button
Black Rattlers Sticker
Blue Max Pin
Desktop US M1917 Brodie Doughboy Helmet
Doughboy 1917 Keychain Sold out
Frieze at Dusk Magnet
Frieze Panorama Magnet
Greetings from KC Sticker
Grenade Keychain
Guardian Magnet
Guardian Spirits Magnet Set
Huey Helicopter Key Chain
I Want You Magnet
Intersections Decal - Black
Intersections Decal - White
Irma Starr Poppy Brooch
Irma Starr Poppy Magnet
Joan of Arc Magnet
Kansas City Ornament
KC Heart Leather Keychain
KC Skyline Wooden Ornament
Large Fokker Tri-Plane Pin