Liberty Memorial Tower Mug


Slipware pottery

5.5 inches tall

This Irma Starr conceptualized mug is modeled after the Tower at the National WWI Museum and Memorial featuring the four Guardian Spirits and incorporates the Assyrian Sphinxes "Memory" and "Future" into its handle.  

Based in Kansas City, Irma Starr is a world-renowned potter who creates collectible works of art that are modeled after a 17th-century style of pottery. Every piece of work is unique and can be found at leading museums such as the National WWI Museum & Memorial, the Nelson Atkins-Museum of Art, the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Plimoth Plantation. She is accomplished in all of the classic glazing techniques: combing, feathering, marbling, and slip-trailing. Starr has been commissioned by private connoisseurs, museums, companies, and the White House to create commemorative pieces.


Handwash only