Ruislip, Eastcote and Northwood During the First World War [Britton]


Author: Tanya Britton

Nonfiction, Paperback

The First World War changed the lives of Hillingdon’s residents forever. This fascinating volume, the result of seventeen years of research by a Hillingdon historian, contains a comprehensive look at the Home Front in Ruislip, Northwood, and Eastcote. What were the duties of the Special Constables? Where were wounded residents treated? What was health like during this time? Was housing affected by air-raids, or by overcrowding? Richly illustrated, and with full details of the lives, and deaths, of each of the local men who fell during the conflict, it commemorates the magnificent sacrifice and the unbreakable spirit of the residents of Hillingdon during one of the greatest conflicts the world has ever seen.