Pals War: The Second Battle of Ypres [Whitehead]

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In a mixture of patriotism and excitement, Danny Byrne and his friends from the close-knit pit villages of north-east England sign up, like so many other young men, to fight for king and country at the start of the First World War, a war they all expected to be over by Christmas. In this fictional account of the Durham Fusiliers, Danny and his band of brothers embark on an adventure that no one knows the ending to.

The camaraderie, skills, and connections of the regiment mean they are soon singled out as a specialist operations team - a unit that is feared and revered in equal measure. The pals experience the horror of the First World War in all its macabre, frightening, and tragic glory. But mixed with the horror is a journey of discovery of self, new lands, and the true meaning of friendship. This book is a fine tribute to those that fought in the First World War.

This book was printed in the United States.