War Boy My Father's Story [Frank]


Author: Dr. Paul David Frank


A pious Jewish Russian couple and their 4 children experience their whole way of life overturned one day when the idyllic river resort town in which they live is attacked by enemy forces in the second year of World War I.  Suddenly homeless and with little more than the clothes on their backs, they are relocated tot he big city of Vilnius where they are domiciled with 40 other families in a converted brothel under German occupation. 

Events that follow during the years of the war and after are witnessed through the eyes of their youngest child, Benzy, who courageously perseveres as he and his friends and relatives are forced to endure horrific conditions of poverty, prejudice, destruction and starvation while a deadly typhoid epidemic is raging on the streets and brutal mistreatment is meted out by German and later Polish authorities.  Blessed with the support of a strong religious community and their own indomitable spirit, the family somehow sustains itself despite seeing fellow refugees succumb.  They even manage to find and take some comfort in brief moments of laughter, love, and happiness as with determined willpower their primary goal remains to survive.