USMC Veteran Coin


As members of one of the world's elite fighting forces, Marine Corps Veterans have challenged and defeated history's most ruthless regimes.

These tough and tenacious warriors have engaged America's enemies with fearless determination, pursuing victory with uncommon courage and admirable skill. Respected for their commitment to defending freedom, their service and sacrifice inspires all Americans. Facing daunting challenges and grueling battle conditions, they have strengthened America's national security and protected our nation's global interests. Serving with trademark determination and bravery befitting a Marine, they have earned the right to be counted among America's elite warriors. 

This coin salutes all Marine Corps Veterans for their exceptional valor and devotion to duty in defense of freedom around the world. The obverse features the Marine Corps eagle, globe, and anchor emblem. "Veteran" is imprinted in bold letters above. The reverse features a rendering of the American flag with "USMC" superimposed. The Marine Corps core values - honor, courage, and commitment - are displayed on the rim.