US Navy Veteran Coin


Exhibiting the indomitable spirit of America's military, U.S. Navy veterans have challenged and defeated the world's most ruthless regimes.
Demonstrating trademark character and courage, they have rushed headlong into danger, risking their lives to safeguard America's interests throughout the world. Honoring their pledge to advance the cause of freedom and strengthen America's national security, these dedicated men and women embody the U.S. Navy's enduring commitment to the nation. Fighting to protect the freedom of all Americans, their selfless sacrifice and devotion to duty inspires us all.

This coin salutes all U.S. Navy veterans, whose courageous service has ensured the success of America's military operations throughout the world. The obverse bears a heraldic eagle with the national shield superimposed. "Veteran" is imprinted in bold above. The reverse features a rendering of the American flag with "Navy" superimposed. The Navy's core values - honor, courage, and commitment - are displayed along the rim