The Vintage Fashion Illustration Manual [Young]


Originally published in 1919 as Student's Manual of Fashion Drawing, this antique volume represents an authentic guide to fashion illustration in the years between the Edwardian era and the Jazz Age. Readers with an interest in vintage fashion will be fascinated by the text and illustrations, which explain everything from drawing the basic human form to stylistic details of collars, shoes, parasols, hats, and other garments and accessories.

Author Edith Young, a seasoned professional in art and fashion illustration, presents detailed instructions accompanied by numerous images. Her careful explanations of fundamental principles provide students with the means for practice. Lessons on drawing basic shapes, human forms, and proportions in garments offer timeless advice, and stylistic details supply flourishes specific to the period covered by this manual. A great way to learn how to draw vintage fashion from a genuine voice of the era, this volume is a valuable companion for fashion students, artists, costumers, vintage clothing buyers, and lovers of bygone fashions.