The Somme: From The Times History of the Great War [The Times UK]


Author: The Times UK

Nonfiction, Paperback

The Battle of the Somme, as described by the Times, is republished in this highly illustrated volume. Photographs, maps, and accounts are shown along with a comprehensive history of the battle.

When war was declared in August, 1914, the Times under its chief editor, Wickham Steed, embarked on an extraordinary project. As well as authoritative daily war reports in the paper itself, a separate weekly supplement would be produced, with 40 extra, illustrated pages of in-depth analysis. The result was The Times History of the War, collected into 22 massive volumes in 1921: 11,000 pages; 6 million words; thousands of photographs, graphics, illustrations, and maps. The pages detailing the Battle of the Somme have been extracted from those volumes to produce a detailed history of the bloody battle as told 100 years ago.