The Great War In Colour: In Art & Photography


Even though the technology existed to produce color at the time, most of the surviving films and photographs of the Great War were shot in black and white. Fortunately, the advance of technology has allowed historians to revisit these amazing images and present them in color, the result is a powerful documentary which provides a detailed look at the Great War as experienced through the eyes of those who were there. Also featured in the film are the rare images produced by pioneers of color photography at work on both sides of the lines. In 1907, the French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière patented the color photography process and pioneer of color photography on the German side of the line was Hans Hildenbrand. Of course the story of the Great War wasn't just recorded in film and photographs. The war artists both official and unofficial on both sides were able to present a vivid picture of the world as it really was in full color, just like our own world and today we are privileged to have access to a remarkable and comprehensive record of the Great War in color.

46 Minutes