Female Tommies: The Frontline Women of the First World War (PB) [Shipton]


World War I saw one of the biggest ever changes in the demographics of warfare, as thousands of women donned uniforms and took an active part in conflict for the first time in history. Through their diaries, letters, and memoirs, meet the women who defied convention and followed their convictions to defend the less fortunate and fight for their country.

Follow British Flora Sandes as she joins the Serbian Army and takes up a place in the rearguard of the Iron Regiment as they retreat from the Bulgarian advance. Stow away with Dorothy Lawrence as she smuggles herself to Paris and heads to the front. Enlist in Russia’s all-female "Battalion of Death" alongside peasant women and princesses alike. The personal accounts of these women provide a valuable insight into what life was like for women in a male-dominated environment.