The Complete Illustrated History of World War I: A Concise Authoritative Account of the Course of the Great War, with Analysis of Decisive Encounters and Landmark Engagements


A highly readable history of the military and political events of World War One, this wide-ranging book begins with the state of Europe before the war then embarks on four major chapters chronicling the war a year at a time. Major battles are interspersed with sections detailing the weapons used, from dreadnoughts and anti-aircraft guns to U-boats and heavy field artillery, with specification boxes providing key technical details on each weapon. A final chapter looks at the aftermath of war and the newly emerging European states. All aspects of the conflict are covered, from common illnesses through to the use of propaganda and atrocities on all sides. Key fact boxes delve into the lives of the political leaders, generals and fighters, and also discuss the political movements which flourished. The fascinating story of WWI is told in an accessible style, supplemented with 500 photographs, maps and battle plans.

Expert military analysis of the major battles: Ypres, Tannenburg, Gallipoli, Somme, Verdun, Passchendaele, Beersheba and many others, with fascinating reviews of the tactics, key battles and instruments of war from Zeppelins, sea planes and destroyers to rifles, bayonets and pistols