Christmas in the Trenches [McCutchen]


The only thing separating the two armies on that cold December night in 1914 was a barren stretch of muddy ground called No Man's Land. It was in this setting that the miracle began.

A faint sound of singing cut through the frosty air.

Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht...

Then other voices joined in.

Silent night, holy night.

For a brief time the enemies stopped fighting and behaved as friends. As many as 100,000 soldiers are assumed to have participated in what became known as the unofficial Christmas Truce.

It was a grand human moment.

John McCutcheon's inspiring words join with Henri Sorensen's eloquent paintings to tell this story of a Christmas miracle.

What does it take to stop a war?

Somewhere within these pages, perhaps, are the seeds of insight that might show us all what it really takes to wage peace.