Letters from a Doughboy The Wartime Experiences of Robert Doan Truesdell in World War I [Schumacher]

In the years after World War I, Robert Truesdell never spoke of his war experience, but he wrote more than 100 letters to his parents describing the details of his life in the service. The letters span a period of time starting with his arrival in the Fall of 1917 at Camp Wadsworth, South Carolina and concluding with his participation in the Victory March up Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1919. After Truesdell s death, his daughter discovered the letters and carefully transcribed each one. The letters are accompanied by commentary on World War I prior to U.S. involvement and on significant national and international political and military events during the months when the United States fought with the Allies. The informative commentary places Truesdell s personal correspondence into a much greater historical context.