Falling Stars: World War I As The End Of The Road: Disrupted Lives From Boccioni To Schiele [Imhof] [Husch]

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On the occasion of the anniversary of World War I this exhibition catalogue presents European artists, whose lives and careers ended abruptly because of the war and its circumstances. The exhibition's title quotes the expressionistic poet August Stramm, who wrote his poem "Wunde" ("Wound") during the war and who also died in it. The catalogue presents artistic works of more than 50 artists, among them Franz Marc, August Macke, Albert Weisgerber and Umberto Boccioni.

A broad spectrum of different artistic movements in a time of dramatic political and artistic revolutions is shown. There are paintings, graphic arts and sculptures mostly from young talents, of whom many had no opportunity to let their oeuvre mature. The catalogue examines how this break by World War I had impact on the Modern Art as a whole.