Mayor Sly and the Magic Bow Tie: A Kansas City Adventure [James]

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What would you do if you could travel back in time in your favorite city? Kansas City is a gem in the Heart of America! And to understand why it's such a great city, one should learn about the events and people behind its rich and remarkable history. So, what about a time travel adventure to explore Kansas City's history as it happened? And who better to be our guide on this fascinating journey than Kansas City's Mayor Sly James.

Mayor Sly will take the reader on an adventure back in time, through the magic of his trademark bow tie. You will visit some of his favorite locations and landmarks, with a first person preview of key events in Kansas City's exciting history. At each time-travel stop, you'll learn about Kansas City's past and meet some of the influential leaders who made a lasting impact on the city and the region.

In addition to the tale of the Mayor's time travels, the book includes a special section called All Things Kansas City. This special section revisits the book's people and places in detail. The educational and fun-fact packed section also offers other interesting facts and stories from Kansas City history. Mayor Sly and the Magic Bow Tie is a fun and surprising adventure for young readers. Intended to educate and inspire younger readers,it is also a good resource for older children. It's the perfect book for children and parents to read together, share in the adventure, and then go explore the fascinating city of Kansas City.

This book was printed in the United States.