Serre Stollen 10C DVD


On July 1st 1916 the British 31st Division attack at Serre cost 4,500 casualties, the majority within two hours of going over the top. It was a truly awful baptism of fire for the Yorkshire, Lancashire and Durham Pals battalions that had recently arrived in France as part of Kitchener’s volunteer New Armies. Before the battle, British 252 Company R.E. dug a series of shallow tunnels - saps - out in to no man’s land to provide forward mortar emplacements and conduits for infantry during the impending battle. In an attempt to counter this the Germans drove out a series of galleries with both fighting and listening capability - Stollen. In 2008 the Durand Group began an important excavation into one of these - Stollen 10c - which had manifest as a ground collapse in the farmyard of one of the local landowners.

Using rare archive photographs and fascinating dramatic reconstruction, this evocative DVD tells the story of why Serre was such a costly failure and what part the tunnels played in this overshadowed part of the Somme Offensive.

Duration: 54 Minutes