The Return of Paul Jarrett


This award-winning documentary is the only one of its kind and, most importantly, the last of its kind.

We follow 93 year-old Paul Jarrett, a decorated American World War I veteran, as he returns to France to visit those nightmarish days and nights of the Great War.

Lt. Jarrett, a company hand-to-hand combat expert with the famous 42nd Rainbow Division, was wounded three times while serving in France along the Western Front from 1917-1918. Upon his return seventy years after the war Paul's greatest surprises come from the French villagers themselves, as they honor Paul as few Americans have been.

This documentary is a very personal account of one of the last gentlemen of a dying era. In fact, Paul Jarrett will forever be remembered in the annals of American history as the last WWI veteran to ever return to the battlefields of France.

Complete with rare WWI archival footage & interviews.

48 Minutes