History Channel: 100 Years Of WWI (DVD)


100 YEARS OF WWI from HISTORY(R) takes a comprehensive look at the war that left 15 million dead, 20 million injured, and changed battle forever. Gone was traditional man-to-man combat, with its small guns and sneak attacks by ground troops. Harnessing the industrial know-how of combustion engines, airplanes, and even the camera, WWI introduced game-changing weapons of mass destruction: armored tanks, chemical weapons, submarines, and the aerial bombardments of cities. Using experts, eyewitness testimony, and riveting archival re-creations, HISTORY(R) explores the deadly mix of weapons that defined modern warfare and shocked the world. See how these weapons were developed and witness the devastation they left behind. Meet the first dogfighters who, in acrobatic encounters, developed many of the tactics and strategies still used today, including a German ace known as "The Red Baron." Understand how people born into a simpler age learned to deal with the destructive engine of total war.

Includes the series The History of WWI: The First Modern War

  • Armored Beasts
  • Clouds of Death
  • Massive Air Attacks
  • Underwater Killers

    Widescreen Presentation

Plus three bonus specials

  • Modern Marvels: World War I Tech
  • Dogfights: The First Dogfighters
  • Man, Moment, Machine: The Red Baron & The Wings of Death

           Full Screen Presentation

2004-2014 - Color - Feature Run Time Approx. 5hrs., 15 mins.