Dictionary of the First World War

This comprehensive dictionary of one of the world's greatest conflicts contains over 1,200 entries, combining facts, narrative and analysis, and covers all aspects of history's first global conflict such as :-
*Actions from Achi Baba to the Zeebrugge raid, from the Falkland Islands to the Masurian lakes.
*Campaigns from the Arab Revolt to Verdun, from East Africa to East Prussia.
*Theaters of war from the Baltic to the Balkans, from Africa to the Arctic.
*Fighters and commanders from Abdullah ibn Hussein to Sergeant York via Pershing, Pilsudski and Petain.
*Forces from the Romanian Navy to the Royal Flying Corps.
*Weapons and equipment from balloons and bayonets to Battleships and Big Bertha.
*Tactics and strategies from submarine warfare to sniping, from the Schlieffen Plan to strategic bombing, breakthrough and blockade.
*Politcs and diplomacy from Wilhelm II to Woodrow Wilson, from the July Crisis to Versailles.
*Home Fronts from the Armenian massacres to the Amiens Dispatch, from Albania to Australia, from women to war socialism.