Dictionary of the First World War [Pope]

This comprehensive dictionary of one of the world's greatest conflicts contains over 1,200 entries, combining facts, narrative and analysis, and covers all aspects of history's first global conflict such as :
  • Actions from Achi Baba to the Zeebrugge raid, from the Falkland Islands to the Masurian lakes.
  • Campaigns from the Arab Revolt to Verdun, from East Africa to East Prussia.
  • Theaters of war from the Baltic to the Balkans, from Africa to the Arctic.
  • Fighters and commanders from Abdullah ibn Hussein to Sergeant York via Pershing, Pilsudski and Petain.
  • Forces from the Romanian Navy to the Royal Flying Corps.
  • Weapons and equipment from balloons and bayonets to Battleships and Big Bertha.
  • Tactics and strategies from submarine warfare to sniping, from the Schlieffen Plan to strategic bombing, breakthrough and blockade.
  • Politcs and diplomacy from Wilhelm II to Woodrow Wilson, from the July Crisis to Versailles.
  • Home Fronts from the Armenian massacres to the Amiens Dispatch, from Albania to Australia, from women to war socialism.