Retreat to Victory in 1915

Sold out

Approximately one-half of the 220,000 Serbian Soldiers who fought the Austrians in 1914, then the Germans and Bulgarians in 1915, miraculously survived the hardships and rigors of walking as many as 400 miles to cross the Albanian mountains. They crossed the treacherous ice and snow-covered mountains to reach the Adriatic coastline, where Allied ships waited to take them to regain their health in the safety of the Greek island of Corfu. They reorganized as an army and went to Salonika, where with the French and British, they defeated the Bulgarians. This campaign ultimately led to the Bulgarians surrendering to the Serbs and their Allies. Serbia belonged to the Serbs now.

Most Serbians returned to what was left of their homes and families and began a new life. It was not the old life, but an entirely new one. At last, Serbia's dream came true. After nearly six hundred years of Ottoman occupation, the "Republic of Serbia, the Croats and Slovenes" became a reality by the Treaty of Versailles, signed in Paris on June 28, 1919.