Regiments of the deae

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In the midst of WWI, Edinburgh's Craiglockhart Hospital is crowded with traumatized soldiers scarred by the horrors of battle. Dr. William Rivers (Jonathan PryceG.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), the hospital psychiatrist who hovers on the edge of a nervous breakdown as he attempts to 'cure' the incurable; the eminent writer Siegfried Sassoon, a sane soldier sent to Craiglockhart following the publication of his anti-war poetry; Wilfred Owen (James WilbyGosford Park), a writer whose craft is transformed by Sassoon's support; and Billy Prior (Jonny Lee MillerEndgame), a mute officer involved in a tender love affair, bring the era to life in this compelling, ""stirring and articulate exploration of warfare…"" (The New York Times).