American Battlefields of World War I: Château-Thierry--Then and Now, Vol. 1: Enter the Yanks [Homsher]

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In American Battlefields of World War I: Château-Thierry—Then and Now, David Homsher provides the traveler with a comprehensive guidebook to the early-on American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) battlefields of 1918 in France. This guidebook is intended for the few living veterans of World War I, the student of military history, and the traveler to Europe and to France, in fact or imagination, who has an interest in the Allied and American effort to defeat the German Army in Western Europe.

The first of a projected series of AEF battlefield guidebooks, this initial volume, Château-Thierry, describes, by text, maps and then-and-now- photographs, the AEF battlefields and sites ranging from the Charles de Gaulle International Airport to the City of Château-Thierry.

This book was printed in the United States.