Kansas City Gifts

"Lest We Forget" Magnet
Grenade Keychain
Poppy Seed Packet
Gas Mask T-Shirt
KC at Dusk Magnet
Over There T-Shirt
Motorcycle Magnet
National WWI Museum & Memorial Ornament
Round Sticker - Poppy
Memorial and Soldiers T-shirt Save 23%
"Lest We Forget" Keychain
National WWI Museum & Memorial Patch
Tower at Night Magnet
Museum/Poppy Challenge Coin
Red Air Corps T-Shirt Save 18%
Kansas City Ornament
Tower in the Evening Magnet
Women's Poppy Poem T-shirt
Tower Close-Up Magnet
Tank Cutout Magnet
Devil Dog T-Shirt
Poppy Ornament
Triplane Cutout Magnet
KC Skyline Sticker
Intersections T-Shirt Save 15%
Poppy Patch
Black Cat Treat 'Em Rough T-shirt
War Remains T-Shirt
Acrylic Magnet -Peace and Remembrance
Tower Flame Magnet
Lest The Ages Forget
Round Sticker - Peace and Remembrance
Panoramic Poppy Field Magnet
Greetings from KC Sticker
Panoramic Frieze Magnet
"Intersections" Lapel Pin
Frieze at Dusk Magnet
Museum/KC Snow globe
"Intersections" Golf Ball
Long Sleeve Gas Mask T-shirt