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Bring Kansas City and the WWI Museum and Memorial home, no matter where you are.
Claeys - Root Beer
Black Jack Chewing Gum
Violet Mints
Spearmint Mints
Reed's Root Beer Bag
Lemon Mints
Gilliam Candy Stick- Watermelon
Gilliam Candy Stick- Cherry
Reed's Butterscotch Bag
Claeys - Green Apple
Scented Gum - Violet
Claeys - Watermelon
Claeys - Wild Cherry
Gilliam Candy Stick- Root Beer
Gilliam Candy Stick- Tutti-Frutti
Charleston Chew - Chocolate
Tootsie Roll Bag
Candy Buttons
Charleston Chew - Vanilla
Peppermint Mints
Gilliam Candy Stick- Butterscotch
Claeys - Raspberry
Reed's Cinnamon Bag