This Home for the Holidays collection features items that you can use in your home to entertain, decorate, and gift this holiday season.
National WWI Museum & Memorial Ornament
Kansas City Ornament
Poppy Ornament
Museum/KC Snow globe
Coaster - Poppies on Black Background
Coaster - Soldier in Poppy Field
Coaster - Treat'Em Rough
Coaster - I Want You
Coaster - Pulling For Victory
Large Nutcrackers
Poppy Drink Covers
Coaster - 1926 Dedication Ceremony
B&W Poppy Coaster w/Easel
Field of Poppies Coaster w/Easel
Army Coaster w/Easel
Tank Coaster w/Easel
KC Skyline Ornament
Coaster - Aerial View
Coaster - The Machine
9" Silicone Poppy Lid
Coaster - National WWI Museum & Memorial
Navy Coaster w/Easel
Marine Corps Coaster w/Easel
Air Force Coaster w/Easel
Coaster - Front Entrance
Coaster - Peace and Remembrance
8" Silicone Poppy Lid
6" Silicone Poppy Lid
Kansas City Coaster
11" Silicone Poppy Lid
13" Silicone Poppy Lid
Poppy Oblong Lid 10x14"
Coast Guard Coaster w/Easel
"Votes for Women" Teapot
A Woman Registered to Vote Tea Towel
19th Amendment Heroines Tea Towel
Washington DC Suffrage Tea Towel
Votes for Women Wanted Tea Towel
The Awakening Tea Towel
Alice Paul Tea Towel
Sojourner Truth Tea Towel