This Home for the Holidays collection features items that you can use in your home to entertain, decorate, and gift this holiday season.
Kansas City Ornament
Museum/KC Snow globe
Coaster - I Want You
Coaster - Pulling For Victory
Large Nutcrackers
Coaster - 1926 Dedication Ceremony
Army Coaster w/Easel
Coaster - National WWI Museum & Memorial
Coaster - The Machine
9" Silicone Poppy Lid
Navy Coaster w/Easel
Coaster - Aerial View
Air Force Coaster w/Easel
Marine Corps Coaster w/Easel
KC Skyline Ornament
6" Silicone Poppy Lid
Coaster - America Calls
Coaster - Front Entrance
8" Silicone Poppy Lid
Coaster - Peace and Remembrance
Poppy Chef's Towel
Coaster - The Navy Is Calling
11" Silicone Poppy Lid
Ceramic Poppy Teapot w/Strainer (32 oz)