Testament of War: Literature, Art and the First Wold War [Harvey]


Author: A. D. Harvey

Nonfiction, Paperback

This text reviews the literature and the art of World War I and aims to examine the range of war poetry and fiction in English in its relation to German, French, Italian, Russian, Danish and Hungarian works. Before the First World War, few authors wrote about, or had experienced, war. War was not a proper subject for literature; while writers seldom served in the armed forces and were almost never in battle.

This work discusses what sort of people, in various physical and psychological conditions, wrote about war; or painted it; how they handled the challenge of describing their experiences; what literary and artistic techniques they employed; and how other forms of creative talent were fostered by the war. It provides a contribution to an understanding of how literature and art relate to the psychological and social structures of the communities within which they are produced.