War girls: The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry in the First World War [Lee]


First Aid Nursing Yeomanry during the First World War. Examining their experiences on the Western Front with the Belgian, British and French Armies, this book shows how the FANY worked as nurses and ambulance driver-mechanics, inspiring stories of female heroism and solidarity.

The FANY created skilled gendered performances against the cultural myths of the time, and in concert with their emerging legend. Coming from privileged backgrounds, they drew upon and subverted traditional arrangements, crafting new and unconventional identities for themselves.

The author shares the stories of the FANY - a fascinating, quirky and audacious group of women - and illustrates the ways the First World War subverted existing gender arrangements. It will make fascinating reading for those working in the field of gender and war, as well as those who wish to find out more about this remarkable group of women.