UFOs of The First World War [Watson]


Author: Nigel Watson

Nonfiction, Paperback

At 8:25 AM, shortly after lieutenant R.S. Maxwell took off in his BE2C fighter, he reported seeing an artificial light in the distance. He followed this light northeast for almost twenty minutes, but it increased its altitude and was lost forever into the clouds.

During WWI, a time when aviation was in its infancy, a number of pilots reported sightings of explainable phenomena in the skies. Given the newness of humankind's travels in the clouds, perhaps these observations can be forgiven as naivety or inexperience; however, the prevalence of these reports has led to this comprehensive guide on Great War UFOs. From simple balloons, to artificial light, to phantom airships, this volume thoroughly examines rumors, scares, and the explainable.

Author Nigel Watson has written several books and been published in numerous publications including All About Space, Paranormal Magazine, and UFO Matrix.