On Uncle Sam's Water Wagon: Five Hundred Recipes for Delicious Drinks Which Can Be Made At Home [Moore]


Author: Helen Watkeys Moore

Cookbook, Paperback

The 18th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibited the sale and manufacture of alcohol, was ratified in 1919. That same year, this collection of alcohol-free recipes was published, including familiar beverages like teas, coffees, chocolate drinks, and lemonades, as well as drinks most people only knew from soda fountains.

The author, Helen Moore, wrote in her foreword, “It is believed that by learning to make them in the home—and in nearly every case the directions are very simple—one may have available a long list of refreshing drinks at far less cost and distinctly superior in quality and cleanliness.” This is a great cookbook for anyone who loves old recipes, is interested in prohibition-era history, or is “on the wagon.”

Printed in the USA.