Books & Media

A World War I Timeline [Smithsonian]
Soldier Dog [Angus]
World War I [DK]
Mini Poster - Joan of Arc
Mini Poster - Vintage Tower
Stubby (Dog Diaries Series #7) [Klimo]
The Harlem Hellfighters [Brooks]
The Zimmermann Telegram [Tuchman]
Mini Poster - "I Want You"
Mini Poster - "Helft uns fiegen!"
Kansas City Print
Winnie's Great War [Mattick]
Metal Sign - "Destroy This Mad Brute"
The Book of the Poppy [McNab]
History of the American Aviator Poster
Mini Poster - "Silence"
Gee, I Wish I Were a Man Poster 145
Mini Poster - "Warning!"
Airplanes of World War I Coloring Book
Metal Sign - Books Wanted
Give 'Er The Gun Poster 193
Metal Sign - Flying Lessons
Mini Poster - Woman's Land Army
Mini Poster - "Enlist"
Metal Sign - Avenge the Lusitania
War-time Breads and Cakes [Handy]
Mini Poster - "Food is Ammunition"
History of the United States Navy Poster