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From the start of the war, to poetry, to biographies about the major players, delve into our selection of books to find something perfect for you! Celebrate our iconic architecture, infamous propaganda posters, and your love for Kansas City with one of our prints, posters, and signs.
Lest The Ages Forget
Mini Poster - "Treat'Em Rough!"
Soldier Dog [Angus] Sold out
History of Tanks Poster
Mini Poster - "I Want You"
Mini Poster - Joan of Arc
The Zimmermann Telegram [Tuchman]
Mini Poster - Vintage Tower
History of the American Soldier Poster
Gee, I Wish I Were a Man Poster 145
Mini Poster - "Helft uns fiegen!"
Metal Sign - Flying Lessons
Be A Marine Poster 148
Metal Sign - Books Wanted
Airplanes of World War I Coloring Book
Metal Sign - Avenge the Lusitania
Kansas City Print
Let's Go! U.S. Marines Poster 182
Join the Cavalry Poster 184
Mini Poster - "Enlist"
Give 'Er The Gun Poster 193
Winnie's Great War [Mattick]
Mini Poster - L'Heure
Metal Sign - Join the Tanks
Mini Poster - "Silence"
Mini Poster - "Food is Ammunition"
Adventure and Action Poster 212