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From the start of the war, to poetry, to biographies about the major players, delve into our selection of books to find something perfect for you! Celebrate our iconic architecture, infamous propaganda posters, and your love for Kansas City with one of our prints, posters, and signs.
Mini Poster - "Warning!"
Mini Poster - Le Pays De France
Mini Poster - Woman's Land Army
Mini Poster - KC Skyline
If You Want to Fight Poster 174
History of the American Aviator Poster
Mini Poster - "Knit Your Bit"
Mini Poster - "Serve in France"
Lend the Way They Fight Poster 149
Come on Boys Do Your Duty Poster 213
Mini Poster - Red Cross
History of the United States Navy Poster
Learn Earn Poster 147
19th Amendment Mini Poster
Mini Poster - Little Americans
The Wipers Times
Fight or Buy Bonds poster 150
For Action Poster 220
Mini Poster - "Help Him to Help U.S.!"
DKfindout! World War I