Rock of the Marne: The American Soldiers Who Turned the Tide Against the Kaiser in World War I [Harris]


The soldiers of the Third U.S. Infantry Division in World War I were outnumbered and inexperienced young men facing hardened veterans, but their actions during the Second Battle of the Marne proved to be a turning point of World War I.

In stopping three German divisions from crossing the Marne River, these Americans blocked the road to Paris, helped save the French capital and played a key role in turning the tide of the war. The Allies then began a counteroffensive that drove the enemy back to the Hindenburg Line. Four months later the war was over. 

Rock of the Marne follows the Third Division’s Sixth Brigade, which took the brunt of the German attack—from the officers, many of them West Pointers and elite Ivy Leaguers, to the enlisted men from every corner of America who answered their country’s call to duty.

This is the gripping, true account of one of the most important—yet least explored—battles of World War I.