The Khaki Road of Yesterday [Kane]


An autobiography about a preppy young man, John B. Kane who enlist in the Army with his brother Jim. As an original member of the newly formed organization in the US Army "Graves Registration Service",he would use his skills as draftsman plotting the graves of the American fallen soldiers creating the first American cemetery on foreign soil. He unfolds his experiences in France during WWI, including a short romance with a French maiden and receives Commendation from General Pershing for working under heavy shell fire and gas while plotting addition cemetery space. When he returns home after 22 months of service, he meets a young widow "Sara." They marry and he becomes a well known architect in Philadelphia. He writes this book for his 10 year old daughter "Sashie" in 1940. Sashie is now 87 and lives in Cary NC. After 77 years she wishes to share this wisdom of her father to others.

This book was printed in the United States.