Books & Media

From the start of the war, to poetry, to biographies about the major players, delve into our selection of books to find something perfect for you! Celebrate our iconic architecture, infamous propaganda posters, and your love for Kansas City with one of our prints, posters, and signs.
Soldier Dog [Angus]
The War of the Worlds [Wells]
One of Ours [Cathers]
Fall of Giants [Follet]
To the Last Man (Paperback) [Shaara]
In Falling Snow [MacColl] Sold out
Doctor Zhivago [Pasternak]
Three Poets of the First World War
Memoirs of an Infantry Officer
Paths of Glory [Cobbs]
The Road Back [Remarque]
Parade's End [Ford]
Johnny Got His Gun [Trumbo]
Regeneration [Barker]
The Silver Donkey [Hartnett]
The Ghost Road [Barker]
The Razor's Edge [Maugham]