"A Wonderful Opportunity For You" Poster
"Adventure and Action" Poster
"All Together" Mini Poster
"America Calls" Metal Sign
"American Eagle" Metal Sign Sold out
"Avenge the Lusitania" Metal Sign
"Be A Marine" Poster
"City at Dusk" Matted Print
"City at Dusk" Print
"Clear the Way!" Mini Poster
"Come on Boys Do Your Duty" Poster
"Enlist" Mini Poster
"Fight or Buy Bonds" Poster
"Food is Ammunition" Magnet
"For Action" Poster
"Gee, I Wish I Were a Man" Poster
"Give 'er The Gun" Air Service Poster
"Go Over With the Marines" Metal Sign
"Help Him to Help U.S.!" Mini Poster
"I Want You for the Navy" Poster
"If You Want to Fight" Poster
"It Takes a Man to Fill It" Poster
"Join the Air Service in France" Poster
"Join the Cavalry" Poster