A Soldier of the Great War [Helprin]
At Night All Blood Is Black [Diop]
Doctor Zhivago [Pasternak]
Flights for Freedom [Burgauer]
Hemingway's Return to England [Moriarty]
Immigrant Patriot [Matthews]
Kings of Broken Things [Wheeler]
Kopp Sisters on the March [Stewart]
Memoirs of an Infantry Officer [Sassoon]
Only Remembered [Morpurgo]
Parade's End [Ford]
Pass Guard at Ypres [Gurner]
Paths of Glory [Cobbs]
Patrol [MacDonald]
Regeneration [Barker]
Roux the Bandit [Chamson]
Snake and Other Poems [Lawrence]
The Eye in the Door [Barker]
The Ghost Road [Barker]
Toby's Room [Barker]
Under Fire [Barbusse]
Under Fire [Barbusse]
War Boy My Father's Story [Frank]